Evan Chiplock


I’m a white guy.

So is the other guy that brewed Kombucha with me. His name is Sam.

And as white guys, we know that America knows two things about us:

1. We ignore our privilege.

2. We can't resist a good kombucha.

So why not bring attention to the issues we usually ignore by putting them on a thing we’re always looking at?


 Kombucha bottles.

 Introducing Complici-tea!


the first kombucha brand dedicated to upsetting minds

while simultaneously settling stomachs.


All of our teas are completely homemade* and feature black tea, assorted fruits,

and a hard-to-swallow breakdown of a social issue right on the back label!

 Complici-tea now comes in three delicious flavors!


Original Complici-tea:

There are a lot of things we could’ve done to make this tea better.

We could’ve added a little sugar to make it sweeter.

We could’ve added a little fruit to make it fruitier

We could’ve started a non-profit or movement to fight the systemic and institutionalized inequalities that face millions of americans everyday.

But like most things that we have the power to change in America,

we didn’t do anything about it at all.


Dispari-tea -

Disparitea – flavored with strawberry and a twist of inequality – is our first tea formulated specifically for women!

With 20% less tea for the exact same price, this serving size is perfect for that female friend in your life who is accustomed to getting less for doing just as much! 



Depor-tea -

Here at Complici-tea, we believe authentic Mexican flavor comes from authentic Mexican experiences.

That’s why we separate every bottle of Depor-tea from its family and isolate it in a cell without food, natural light, or human contact for weeks at a time. Then we ship it off to wherever we think it belongs (whether it’s best for the tea or not).

We’re not 100% sure it improves the tea, but it sure does give us a false sense of security!



If our flavors leave a bad taste taste in your mouth, then they are doing their job. They should!

And while these teas may be a joke, the issues are very real.

That's why the back of every bottle of Complici-tea will feature a QR code that will lead White America to finally do its part.

Don't have a bottle on hand?

Click the flavor/issue below to see how you can get involved.

Made delicious and socially conscious fermented tea beverages with Sam Dworkin.

* pictures of process are honestly kind of gross but available upon request.