Evan Chiplock

K2 Snowboards

Growing up, I was lucky enough to get to go snowboarding a lot.

And while I didn’t like wiping out, falling, and freezing, none of those things were the worst part.

The worst part was always leaving.

But I always took solace in knowing that somewhere out there, a mountain is waiting

and all I would need is a board to ride it.

Of course, not every mountain is covered in snow year-round.

The K2 calendar helps boarders keep track of the best places to ride throughout the year.



Video boards update to tell you where fresh snow is falling near you.

A lot of surfers also snowboard.

But the thing about surfing is you spend more time sitting on your board than standing.

Posters placed in airports of popular surf destinations will tell them to stop wasting time waiting for waves and head to the mountain instead.


A new line of all-mountain boards will feature textures of the mountain, serving as a constant reminder of the ride that awaits.



Made alongside Shang Yang (AD)

*Student work*