Evan Chiplock

Kentucky Bourbon Trail

The history of Bourbon is the history of America.

It was made from ingredients cultivated by Native Americans. 

It was born during the revolution.

It became the spirit of rebellion, as it was produced by the masses throughout Prohibition.

To travel the Bourbon Trail is to travel through our own history –

 because The Bourbon Trail is The Road to The American Spirit.


An augmented reality app would double as a loyalty card, allowing visitors to collect items a long the trail at each distillery.

After collecting at least three items, visitors will get a shot (on the house!) at the next distillery they visit.

If you didn’t know about the Bourbon Trail before you land in Kentucky,

you’ll learn about it right after.


When you visit the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, you should bring home more than a hangover.


If you are looking for drunk history,  you don't have to look much farther than the Kentucky Bourbon Trail.

Obviously, that means a Netflix-Bourbon Trail brand mash-up is in order.

Introducing - Drunk History: Kentucky Bourbon Trail Edition


With Annie Shepard (AD)

*Student work*