Evan Chiplock


It seems you can’t talk about Mounds without Almond Joy being brought up

Makes sense. They are basically the same thing.

Except Almond Joy has a nut and Mounds don’t. Everyone knows that.

But there’s something everyone doesn’t know.

Almonds joys are milk chocolate.

But Mounds? Well…

Mounds are dark.


Kids like candy. Kids like storybooks.

So we made a storybook that featured kids and candy.

What could go wrong?


We decided the packaging should be as dark on the outside as the candy that’s on the inside.


And just think of all the different ways you can open a candy bar…

If you made it through the whole store without grabbing a Mounds, don’t worry,

stickers in the check out lane will remind you to get one.


Shang Yang (AD) worked on this too.

*Student work*