Evan Chiplock

That's What She Said


Throughout history, women have had to watch while their credit is stolen. 

They are pushed aside (and often forgotten) as their names are removed from the credits and replaced with the moniker of a man.

So we set out to set the record straight, and to reclaim stolen credit  –

because so often that discovery, that invention, that idea is not what he said, but rather...

That's What She Said.


We are starting by taking back credit in STEM fields,

because while they are known for moving the world forward, they are notorious for leaving women behind.



We didn't want to make just another awareness campaign; we wanted to tackle the problem in a tangible way.

So we're starting with shaping the future, by creating lessons and lesson plans that celebrate women of the past and give them the credit they deserve.




We know that teachers aren't the only influential people in kids' lives,

so we're creating podcasts that are 12-15 minutes long – the same amount of time as the average ride to school –

so that parents can listen along with their kids


We already recorded our first episode with the founder of Quotabelle, Pauline Weger.

These were two of our favorite quotes:


Once the ball is rolling, we'll keep the momentum going by pushing social content ranging from trivia to inspiring quotes.

TWSS Presentation_v3.028.jpeg


And of course, no movement is complete without a dad hat or a laptop sticker, so we created merch so that people can show off and start their own conversations about That's What She Said. 


Trying to do my part with Lynn Nakamura (AD), Tommy Carroll (XD) and Billy Reano (XD)