Evan Chiplock

The Super Bowl Cut Bowl


There seem to be a lot of bowls for a lot of things nowadays...



And not a single bowl for actual bowls. Especially bowls on heads. So we made one.

The Super Bowl Cut Bowl: The Search for The World's Best Bowl Cut

The first ever SBCB saw 32 competitors from 3 different countries go head to head –


competing to win the World's hearts and votes for a chance to become

The Super Bowl Cut Bowl Champion.

Super Bowl Cut Bowl 2018 was everything you could've hoped for from the

World's First Bowl Cut Tournament™

 There were touching moments...


and tense moments.


Tears…and triumphs…


And after more than 1,500 votes and 12,000 social media interactions, 

a champion was crowned. 


Can't wait for Super Bowl Cut Bowl 2019?

Check out the highlights of the 2018 tournament below, or on our website - superbowlcutbowl.com




Ran this very serious and important competition with Sam Dworkin and Martin Madriaga